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              TELEDYNE Model 3000TA過程微量氧分析儀(特利丹)

            1. 更新時間:2023-10-23      瀏覽次數:194
              • The Model 3000TA makes the task of trace oxygen analysis easier, faster and more precise than ever before. Simple menu choices, membrane command switches and a large LED display make setup and operation clear and quick.(3000TA型使痕量氧分析任務比以往任何時候都更容易、更快和更精確。簡單的菜單選擇,膜命令開關和大型LED顯示屏使設置和操作清晰快捷。)

                Air Calibration(空氣校準):

                The high-accuracy and fast response of this model is only surpassed by its ability to calibrate without the assistance of support gases. The Micro-fuel Cell produces and output that is linear and enables the use of ambient air for calibration. The model also accommodates the use of a certified ppm O2 span or zero gas which speeds calibration when necessary and confirms the system is leak free.(該型號的高精度和快速響應是超越它的校準能力,沒有輔助氣體的協助。微型燃料電池的生產和輸出是線性的,并能夠使用環境空氣進行校準。該型號還適用于使用經過認證的ppm O2跨度或零氣體,在必要時加速校準,并確認系統無泄漏。)

                User-Configurable Ranges(用戶可配置的范圍):

                Three user-configurable ranges are come standard with this model. When changing ranges, you are provided with excellent linearity of analysis precluding recalibration. Two programmable concentration alarms will provide the versatility to satisfy nearly any requirement.(三個用戶可配置的范圍是標準與此模型。當改變量程時,您可以獲得線性分析,避免重新校準。兩個可編程濃度報警器將提供通用性,以滿足幾乎任何要求。)

                Custom Engineering(客戶定制):

                The 3000TA can be ordered as a standard unit or as part of a larger analytical system. The options for this model are as follows.(3000TA可以作為一個標準單元或作為一個更大的分析系統的一部分訂購。此模型的選項如下。)

                C:Auto cal/zero with integrally mounted control valves(自動調零與整體安裝的控制閥)V:Vacuum service(真空服務)K:19"rack mount with either one or two control units(19“機架安裝與一個或兩個控制單元)S:Stainless steel cell block(不銹鋼電池塊)

                In addition, special sensors, custom engineered analyzers and complete monitoring systems can be suppled to satisfy unique applications.(此外,特殊的傳感器,定制設計的分析儀和完整的監測系統可以滿足應用。)


                The model uses a specifically qualified fast recovery InstaTrace Micro-fuel Cell to measure trace levels of O2 in the sample gas. This sensor sets industry standards for accuracy, sensitivity and ease of use. The InstaTrace is a sealed electrochemical device with no electrolyte to charge or electrodes to clean, making it maintenance-free.(該模型使用了InstaTrace微型燃料電池(InstaTrace Micro-fuel Cell)來測量樣品氣體中痕量的O2。該傳感器為精度、靈敏度和易用性設定了行業標準。InstaTrace是一種密封的電化學設備,不需要充電電解液,也不需要清潔電極,因此無需維護。)

                Convenient Outputs輸出便利:

                The standard 0-1 VDC and isolated 4-20 mADC outputs are provided for oxygen measurements and range identification. For 2 way communication, an RS-232C serial interface is incorporated to converse with a host computer for remote monitoring and control of zero and span calibration.(標準0-1 VDC和隔離4-20 mADC輸出提供氧氣測量和范圍識別。采用RS-232C串行接口與上位機進行雙向通信,實現對零點和量程校準的遠程監控。)

                FEATURES特征:1、Fast recovery Insta Trace Micro-fuel Cell sensor(快速恢復Insta Trace微燃料電池傳感器)2、Three user-selectable ranges plus cal range (0-25%)(三個用戶可選范圍加上cal范圍(0-25%))3、Programmable Auto Ranging(可編程自動測距)4、Range ID contacts (qty. 4); Form A normally open contacts, 3A resistive(范圍ID數量。4);形成A常開觸點,3A電阻)5、Two fully adjustable concentration alarm points with programmable relay function; Form C contacts, 3A resistive(兩個全可調濃度報警點,具有可編程繼電器功能;C型觸點,電阻3A)6、Programmable auto/zero; Form A normally open contact relay signals(可編程自動/零;形成A常開接點繼電器信號)7、Remotely initiated cal/zero via customer supplied 24 VDC signal(遠程啟動cal/ 0通過客戶提供的24 VDC信號)8、Self diagnostics with Form C contacts, 3A resistive(自診斷C型觸點,3A電阻)9、Full duplex RS-232 communication link(全雙工RS-232通信鏈路)10、Five digit oxygen concentration LED display(五位數氧氣濃度LED顯示)11、Back-lit 2 x 20 line alphanumeric liquid crystal display for setup and diagnostics(背光2 x 20行字母數字液晶顯示器的設置和診斷)12、Sample flow indicator(樣品流量指示器)13、Universal power supply:85-230 VAC 50-60 Hz(通用電源:85-230 VAC 50- 60hz)14、Signal output單相輸出:0-1 VDC & 4-20mADC

                SPECIFICATIONS(描述):Range范圍:3 range customer selectable (minimum 0-10 ppm FS) plus 0-25% cal rangeAccuracy精確度:± 1% of FS at a constant temperatureSensitivity靈敏度:0.5% of FSResponse Time響應時間:90% of FS at 77°F (25°C)< 10 seconds for 1000 ppm or higher ranges< 60 seconds for 0-10 ppm rangeOperating Temperature工作溫度:32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C)Signal Output單相輸出:0-1 VDC and 4-20 mADC (isolated)Analysis Display分析顯示:5 digit red LED, 3/5" high numeralsData Lines數據線:i-directional RS-232C serial interfacePower電源:Universal AC input ranges 85 to 230 VAC, 50/60 HzMax:20VAOxygen Sensor氧氣傳感器:Fast recovery InstaTraceClass A-2C, B-2C or L-2C can also be utilized in place of the InstaTrace(specifically at time of order)

                Dimensions尺寸:Case盒子: 8.70"W x 6.96"H x 12.2"D(22.1 x 17.68 x 30.99 cm)Panel控制板: 10.79"W x 7.46"H(27.41 x 18.95)